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Mechanized shield driving


Driving by means of mechanized drive-in shields is one of the traditional methods of construction of communication collectors of deep laying. Mechanized shield driving which is used at the arrangement of collectors and tunnels, provides for soil excavation under a shield cover and collector or tunnel fixation with reinforced concrete tubings.

Construction of collectors using a method of mechanized shield driving is conducted with the drive-in shields in the form of a metal casing of  2,15 and 3,23 m diameter that is equal to the outer diameter of a tunnel under construction.

The Concern experts build collectors with reinforced concrete tubing processing down to 80 m, with internal diameter of 2,8 m using PS 3,23 mechanized drive-in complex. Depending on a soil type which is excavated, the shield is equipped with working element of excavator type or with a faceplate. Driving with the help of PS 2,15 and 3,23 drive-in shields is carried out in stable no-water sated soil.

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