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Horizontal directed drilling

The horizontal directed drilling (HDD) is a method of borehole making with designed characteristics and any configuration reached by channel gradual expansion by way of consecutive diameter increase of edge cones at channel’s next pass.

The main advantage of the given technology is a possibility to prepare the channel for pipes of a big enough diameters by means of small-size-sized and mobile installation due to a stepwise increase in diameter of the channel in soil.

HDD method allows laying engineering networks:

in the conditions of dense city construction;
in the territory of landscape parks and “green” zones, thus preserving the ecological balance;
in territories of industrial enterprises, including communications lead-in into the premises in the conditions of operating enterprise;
under or above other conduits and cable lines;
in fenced-off zones of high-voltage overhead transmissions lines, main gas and petroleum lines;
under operating railways and highways, runways of the airports;
under rivers, lakes without washing out the banks and bottom sediments of water basins;
in the conditions of small sites up to 400 m where soil removing machinery can not be used.

Advantages of HDD technique application.

Possibility of route designing under any performance specification.
Reduction of period and amount of organizational-technical adjustments prior to the work start-up.
The pipeline guaranteed long service life.
Possibility of obstacles bypass along the route, formation of a borehole path practically of any configuration.
Possibility of amendments introduction into the drilling process.
Absence of preliminary work on water lowering of subsoil waters.
Reduction of estimated cost of pipeline construction, due to the reduction of machinery items, with installation being self-contained and profitable.
Reduction of construction period.
Insignificant expenditures on restoration of road damaged sections

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