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About us

Concern is a bright example of business which provides comfort, raises quality of life of our citizens and at the same time creates conditions for development and growth of the company.

At present  the Concern possesses the up-to-date technologies in its arsenal, present-day high- tech equipment, powerful production base, qualified experts with a wide work experience. All this provides a possibility to carry out large-scale construction projects in compliance with the high world standards of quality.
Concern’s  experts will always find the solution to the complicated engineering problems, allowing to perform works with a high quality and in the best optimum time.

Concern’s main lines of activity:

  • designing of underground engineering networks;
  • construction of main, street and intra-residential engineering communications:
  • collectors of deep and shallow location, water drain, water supply , heat supply, power   supply and communication;
  • reconstruction of operating engineering networks;
  • anticorrosive protection of metal and reinforced concrete structures against influence of hostile environment;
  • construction water level reduction, artificial freezing of soils;
  • construction of underground installations (transport tunnels, storage reservoirs, parkings, etc.).
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.